LabStyle Innovations Corp. is developing and commercializing patent-pending technology that is seeking to bring clinical laboratory testing capabilities to consumers through the use of smartphones.  The company’s initial product is Dario™, a stylish, easy-to-use device and software system that will compete in the multibillion-dollar market for patient self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG).  Dario is a comprehensive, patent pending system which combines an all-in-one SMBG device consisting of a lancet to obtain a blood sample, a device-specific disposable test strip cartridge and a smartphone driven glucose reader adaptor to hold the strip and interface with the smartphone, coupled with a smartphone application and internet-based data services.   Dario will offer millions of diabetics, and in particular insulin dependent diabetics, an innovative new option to the more cumbersome, standalone SMBG test kits that are the current market standard.  In addition, Dario will provide patients, caregivers and clinicians both real-time and historic data with the goal of better management of blood glucose levels and improved health.  The company expects to launch Dario during 2013, first in Europe and later in the U.S., following receipt of applicable regulatory approvals.