LabStyle Innovations Corp. (OTCQB:DRIO) develops and commercializes patented technology providing consumers with laboratory-testing capabilities using smart mobile devices. LabStyle's flagship product is Dario™, a cloud-based, diabetes management solution which includes novel software applications combined with the patented Dario™ smart meter (comprised of a test meter, test strips and lancet in one stylish, compact device) which interfaces with a user's mobile device to form the overall Dario™ Diabetes Management Solution.  Dario offers millions of diabetics, a way to self-manage their disease and thrive by monitoring their activities and managing their blood sugars.  In addition, Dario provides patients, caregivers and clinicians both real-time and historic patient data resulting in better patient performance and improved health. Dario™ received CE mark certification in September 2013 and began a world rollout in select countries in December 2013. LabStyle filed a Premarket Notification Application, also known as a 510(k), with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the Dario™ smart meter (Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System) and is currently working towards obtaining clearance for sales in the USA.  LabStyle is pursuing patent applications in multiple areas covering the specific processes related to blood glucose level measurement as well as more general methods of rapid tests of body fluids using mobile devices and cloud-based services and in August 2014, LabStyle was granted a U.S. patent covering core functions of the Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

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